How to Effectively Teach a Language in my Opinion

Language, the communication method. Or as some students say, the requirement for my degree (both high school and college). We all had to learn a foreign language to pursue our education degrees. Most people think it’s a waste of time because they are not good at it, some actually enjoy it and are good at it (like me). But for those who say they are not good at it, I don't blame you, I think it could be the education system’s fault.

Okay, for people like me we have a gift of learning languages (please don’t take that as a flex). On the other hand, I feel that our education system is failing students at teaching new languages. It's not just language teachers, but it seems writing and English teachers seem to not help either. Here’s how, in my opinion, we can better improve foreign language learning skills:

First off, students learning foreign languages seem to have trouble with grammar. That is because they do not have an understanding of our own English grammar. They do not know the simple terms, like direct object and participle. By not learning simple grammar from our writing and English teachers, it is more difficult for learners to understand the grammar of a foreign language. As a tutor, I need to explain English grammar before diving in-depth into the foreign language.

Second, with the grammar issue explained, there is too not enough study time for vocabulary in the class time. Because instructors spend a lot of time focusing on grammar that students should know, there is not enough time to study vocabulary in class. Instructors often tell students to study vocab everyday at home, but most of the time the students never do that. Instructors say spend ten minutes looking at vocab and flashcards at home. Well, it could potentially help to do some of that in class. There’s more than enough time during the class period to do so.

Lastly, spoken languages need to be spoken A LOT. Spoken languages need to be heard A LOT. Teachers tend to just speak a little bit to the students and the students speak back. That's not enough in my opinion. Have them engage in the language outside of the class by introducing them to contemporary music. Or encourage them to do this, although there's no guarantee that they may do so, but to think in the language that is being learned. Sometimes in my life to practice my German or Latin, I think in those languages. It will help with their speaking skills and listening skills.

So those are a couple of strategies we could use to help people learn a language. The average student does not have the time to constantly study vocab and grammar on their own, so we need to find ways to make language learning more simple and utilize more strategies in class. By doing so, people have more of a chance not to forget concepts from the language class after they complete them. Furthermore, these strategies may make the class more enjoyable and fun.